About A H M Ohidujjaman

Founder and Author


  • MA in ELT, University of Dhaka
  • MA in English Literature, ASA University of Bangladesh
  • BA (Hon’s) in English, ASA University of Bangladesh

Research Profile


  • Founder and Author of Hamandista Academy
  • C.I.T.E. certified English teacher with more than 5 years of tertiary level experience in teaching language and literature.
  • Translator, Editor, and Proofreader with 8 years of freelance working experience at a number of NGOs.

Work Experience

He worked as a part-time Faculty Member of English at United International University from 2016 to 2018. Then he worked as the Office Manager of IQAC, HEQEP at ASA University of Bangladesh where he explored beyond the office management skills and gathered knowledge and skills in the area of Outcome-Based Education and Quality Assurance in Higher Education. He’s currently working as a Lecturer in the Department of English at World University of Bangladesh.

In addition to teaching, he shares his language expertise as a Translator, Proofreader, and Editor with 8 years of working experience as a freelancer at several NGOs such as Ipas, JICA, Green Climate Fund, EngenderHealth, USAID, Save the Children, and World Health Organization.

Education History

A H M Ohidujjaman holds an MA in ELT degree from University of Dhaka. He has also received an MA in English Literature and a BA (Hon’s) in English from ASA University of Bangladesh.


He has achieved Distinction in the examination of “Certificate for International Teachers of English (C.I.T.E.)” provided by Anglia Exams, UK.   

Creator of Other Sites

Co-Founder and ESL Expert at ESL Advice

ESL ADVICE is an online platform for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners and teachers in which an expert team of ESL Teachers shares exclusive tips and advice about the English language. ESL Advice promotes self-learning of English through reading blogs and other authentic materials, watching videos, and practicing as per the guidelines shared by the teachers. This website targets to help both learners and teachers of English around the world.

Founder and Chief Editor at WomenMinds

WomenMinds envisions to help with everything a female mind may come across from her childhood to senility. The name speaks for itself.  At WomenMinds, we talk about the essential aspects of a woman’s life, such as lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health, parenting, fitness, and many more. We aim at alleviating women’s everyday struggles around the world. In doing so, we take on the challenge of finding the most relevant information on the web and other primary or secondary sources. We ensure sifting the applicable information and turn them into written pieces. After reviewing them, we finally produce quality and meaningful content that may connect to your problems while sharing the best possible solutions.

Hamandista Academy

Hamandista Academy (HA) takes on the task of a literature guide with a view to educating the literature students and enthusiasts. Doing so, HA ponders the world-famous plays, novels, stories, and poetries to summarize and analyze them through their settings, characters, plot, subplots, acts, scenes, themes, symbols, and motifs, etc. HA also conducts reviews of the important literary works in different genres from different ages (classic to postmodern).

In short, the ever-enthusiastic group of people in literature, including students, novel lovers, bookworms, and part-time learners will find the Hamandista Academy an educational site; a site that gives away a forensic analysis of their favorite stories and characters.