What You Can Gain from Studying Integral Psychology

Being interested in expanding your vision to improve your psychology practice, you should consider enrolling in an integral psychology program.

Some believe the unified psychology theory to be a utopic dream. That it aims at building a world for humans to live happily.

Even so, rather than being a mere dream, the integral theory simply aims to deepen one’s understanding of human development. It analyzes all the driving changes, from interpersonal dynamics to ecological and political.

The extended goal of the integral approach is to promote self-healing and drive positive social changes.

Keep on reading to discover some significant benefits of attending a university program focused on the critical theory of psychology.

You Will Gain A Deeper Understanding of Consciousness And Development.

The integral theory of psychology aims to bridge the connection between the different stages of consciousness and the many stages of psychological development.

To understand the implications of this relationship in both clinical and non-clinical conditions, students must study intersubjectivity from different perspectives such as psychology, neurology, philosophy, social theories, and even spirituality.

You Can Learn The Importance of Planetary Citizenship

While it is still far from turning into reality, the concept of planetary citizenship must be studied in-depth to figure out how human activities impact global issues.

You cannot make a global framework of human rights and responsibilities without a thorough understanding and application of integral awareness.

We can only produce positive social and political changes globally by activating a critical awareness of the masses.

You Can Learn How to Nurture Your Bond with Nature

Connecting psychology and ecology is a somewhat controversial subject. Nonetheless, transpersonal psychology cannot be thoroughly studied without understanding ecopsychology and deep ecology.

We must explore our ecology from a cultural, psychological, and philosophical viewpoint for humankind to coexist with nature peacefully.

You Can Learn to Apply Integral Theories to Your Practice

The integral approach to psychology is not a textbook knowledge totally. On the contrary, practitioners’ purpose is to make substantial beneficial changes.

Enrolling in a critical psychology program will enable you to analyze case studies of the most efficient applications of integral theory in the most diverse fields.

From a clinical, organizational, and even an environmental context, you will see for yourself how applying the critical theory can make positive changes in the world. You will learn to use this theory in your practice strategically.

You Can Study The Complexity of The Evil Concept

The evil concept is one of the most complex and debatable topics in philosophy and psychology. The integral theory fails to grasp many bad dimensions since it aims to cover all psychology areas in a unified manner.

Students can learn different perspectives about the evil concept by studying integral psychology. It can enable them to deal with people suffering from emotional conditions, such as guilt, conscience, regret, etc. 

You Can Understand Politics Better

The internet has made it possible for everybody to know everything happening in the world. People today apparently grasp political affairs quickly based on affluent information. Nonetheless, it is only more confusing with more days passing.

One must comprehend that politics is run by psychological command and reception like any other enterprise. You cannot determine everything in politics based on events and actions only.

To conceive the political behavioral foundation, a student must penetrate the psychology of propaganda, political movements, partisan identities, and ideologies. 


The integral theory aims at analyzing all the critical factors in our lives from a psychological point of view. We can understand and develop many aspects of our life by studying integral psychology thoroughly. 

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