Title “Pride and Prejudice” and Its Significance

Appropriateness of the Title “Pride and Prejudice” and Its Significance

The acclaimed novel Pride and Prejudice was originally entitled First Impressions. However, when its penwoman, Jane Austen, revised her novel, she gave it a new title now it bears. This title is so appropriate that it hardly requires any justifying argument. Usually, the title of a book, a novel, a literary work, or any written piece is given, … Read more

Theme of Regeneration

The Theme of Regeneration in P. B. Shelley’s “Ode to the West Wind”

“Ode to the West Wind” was a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, famous for its regeneration theme. Regeneration is the central theme of “Ode to the West Wind.”  Shelley was well-known for his great romantic poems and idealism. He believed that the happy future of humankind full of love, justice, and charity would prevail. Besides, … Read more

Serious and Comic Elements in Measure for Measure

Arrangement of Serious and Comic Elements in Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare has variably been described as an allegory, a morality play, and a satire. However, perhaps, the most satisfactory label is a tragicomedy, aka a dark comedy, aka a bitter comedy. The arrangement of serious and comic elements in the play has made it an outstanding tragicomedy in a significant way.  Scaling Measure … Read more

Character of Isabella

The Character of Isabella in Measure for Measure

To fully understand the character of Isabella, we need to know that Measure for Measure is one of Shakespeare’s problem plays. In one sense, it deserves a consideration to be a drama of ideas.  Isabella, the heroine of this play, is a problematic character because she displays conflicting moral and legal notions through her attitude to sin, … Read more