justice and mercy

Discuss The Theme of Justice And Mercy in Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure has been considered a problem play since it raises problematic issues that are left unresolved. The play mainly centres around the problem of justice and mercy. In the play, we found the workings of both justice and mercy. There are scenes in which justice predominates and others in which mercy dominates. However, it … Read more

Why Did Isabella Want to Be A Nun?

In Shakespeare’s play “Measure for Measure,” Isabella’s decision to become a nun has captivated audiences for centuries. Her motivations for pursuing the religious path are complex and deeply rooted in her character. By exploring key quotations from the text, we can gain insight into why Isabella wanted to embrace the life of a nun and … Read more

Hamlet as a philosopher

Why Would You Call Hamlet A Philosopher?

Hamlet has haunted both readers and critics for centuries by his infinite variety of moods and his inscrutable behavior. Hamlet is a man who defies strict definition or any linear character study. There is not one Hamlet- there are several Hamlet face us in the play. Hamlet, the romantic lover, writes love letters to Ophelia. … Read more

Role of Ghost in Hamlet

The Role of The Ghost in “Hamlet” by Shakespeare

Shakespeare never allows the supernatural to take the upper hand in the dramatic action of his tragedies. Shakespeare’s tragic world is essentially the human world in which man initiates actions and pursues them to their proper end; they suffer for their deed that issues out of their characters. Nonetheless, Shakespeare thus makes efficient use of … Read more

Hamlets' Madness real or feigned

Is Hamlet’s Madness Real or Feigned?

Hamlet’s madness, one of the complicated factors, renders understanding Hamlet’s character exasperatingly tricky. Hamlet assumes an ‘antique disposition;’ he pretends to be mad. However, besides this deliberate assumption of the mask of lunacy, there is a reality. Hamlet is not an entirely sane man; at least in the play, we never find him completely sane. … Read more