Editorial Policy



Hamandista Academy (HA) has set a goal of delving into the world of English literature while bringing out the pearls of many popular literary works for academic purposes. 

Our endeavor towards attaining our goal include studying and explaining various literary works, such as:

  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Novels
  • Prose
  • Book Reviews 


Hamandista Academy disclaims from publishing any controversial, politically influenced, or biased academic material on this site. All articles, study materials, or videos on HA are professionally reviewed and approved before publishing. 

Who’ll Find Our Content Helpful? (Target Audience)

Students from English Literature Background 

Our curated articles on over a hundred English literary works will surely help students studying English literature and language from all over the world. Students with an aim to enhance their understanding of English essays, plays, novels, and poetry will always find Hamandista Academy a reliable source of academic knowledge. 

Enthusiastic Learners Other than Students

Our articles express the intricate wisdom of each English literary work on its site in a comprehensive language and tone, so both academic and non-academic people can also benefit from reading them. 

Educators or trainers of the English language and history may also benefit from HA’s resourceful articles.

How’s Our Content Going to Help Our Target Audience?

The readers on the Hamandista Academy site must be able to grasp the theme, plot, character development, etc. whenever they read an article on various popular plays, poetry, or novel. And this is exactly what we aim at during working on every literary work.  

Our articles will prove beneficial in the following manners:

  1. Genuine analysis and recognition with authentic references.
  2. Subjective, thematic, and character-based analysis, explanations, and facts. 
  3. Comprehensive language and readable outline for each article.

Editorial Values

Writing with Expertise 

Writers at Hamandista Academy possess the expertise of writing resourceful articles on English literature by means of education and professional experience. Each writer at HA is credible enough to accomplish markworthy essays and reviews. 

HA encourages its writers and editors to share reliable information in their works while avoiding biased opinions, emotional comments, or shallow narrations. 

What Makes Our Content Unique

What readers will find unique in Hamandista Academy’s articles is their direct approach to the titles of articles in the beginning. It means HA introduces each article to the readers through a reflective measure in the first sentence. 

Hence, it connects with the active readers instantaneously and lets them slide down the next phases of the article enthusiastically. 

Editorial Integrity and Measures 

Reliable Sources of Content 

Hamandista Academy’s writing and editorial teams consult authentic literary sources while writing and publishing an article. HA makes sure that the original source is linked or precisely mentioned in detail in the article relevantly. 

Plagiarism Check 

There’s no way any article on the Hamandista Academy was, is, or will be published without a plagiarism check. We practice zero compromise regarding plagiarism-free content on our site and in doing so, we take appropriate measures.  

Accuracy of Information 

Hamandista Academy feels safe to fact-check each relevant information before letting it inside the article as reference or integral content. 

Editorial Review of Publishable Content 

Between writing and publishing, every new content of Hamandista Academy goes through attentive reviews by editor(s) to check its accuracy of grammar, punctuation, plagiarism, etc. 

The reviewed content is corrected, modified, and improved anywhere it requires throughout the content. 


Hamandista Academy has an affiliation with Amazon for promoting popular and appropriate books among our valued readers. So, anytime a reader purchases a book through the affiliated links on HA’s article, it may earn a percentage as a commission.