About Hamandista Academy

Hamandista Academy (HA) takes on the task of a literature guide with a view to educating the literature students and enthusiasts. Doing so, HA ponders the world-famous plays, novels, stories, and poetries to summarize and analyze them through their settings, characters, plot, subplots, acts, scenes, themes, symbols, and motifs, etc.

HA also conducts reviews of the important literary works in different genres from different ages (classic to postmodern).  

In short, the ever-enthusiastic group of people in literature, including students, novel lovers, bookworms, and part-time learners will find the Hamandista Academy an educational site; a site that gives away a forensic analysis of their favorite stories and characters.  

About The Team

A H M Ohidujjaman

He is the founder of Hamandista Academy. He created this blog because he loves writing about literature. By profession, he is a teacher and he is fond of folk music too.

Mohammad Anique

Mohammad Anique writes literature topics and book reviews at Hamandista Academy. He’s a bookworm, an animal lover, and an aspiring writer. He’s currently writing a novel based on historical fiction.

Our Endeavor (how we work)

Hamandista Academy takes on the tedious task of diving into each play, novel, or story to fish out its theme, character(s), plot, subplots, situations, storyline, etc., and dissecting the elements from an academic but liberal perspective. 

HA poses an intriguing question regarding a character, act, subplot, etc. from a famous literary work while endeavoring to answer that same question in a curious fashion. 

Our Philosophy and Perspective

HA hardly forces any perception on the readers. An interested reader of HA may find any point opposing his or her understanding, but only to receive a diverse perception, not a debatable discourse.

A student or an avid reader will always find Hamandista’s guides and reviews a refreshing tone to their reading experience. Eventually, the final judgment of a literary work lies with its author as well as the readers’ diverse minds.

The Uniqueness of Hamandista’s Guideline and Reviews

Hamandista Academy doesn’t claim to be a competitive site of literary education, but what makes it unique is its ever-curious analysis of a literary work. As said earlier, HA poses an intriguing query or a substantial standpoint, which paves the way for HA’s further guidelines. 

In the course of guiding the interested literature students and readers, HA breaks down a central character, strives to highlight its inner and outer struggles, connects it to other significant characters, and guides it to its penned destination. 

HA’s guides and reviews are in simple and understandable language, making it even more inspiring and interesting for aspiring literature students, enthusiasts, and readers to learn about the famous classic and modern literary works. 

Target Audience

Hamandista Academy is set to reach out to literature students, literary enthusiasts, bookworms, lecturers, and those who’re recently taking on literature understanding.

Our YouTube Presence

In order to give our audience a multidimensional learning experience of the relevant study materials, we create helpful content on YouTube. We also publish recitations of popular poems with eye-soothing visuals and soft music on our YT channel Hamandista Academy.