About Mohammad Anique

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My Work Journey

Work History

Like many, my work journey wasn’t a smooth one as I just dropped out from university in my third year and opted for call center training back in 2009-10. Since then, I have worked in various organizations for brief periods until I landed a suitable job in 2012. 

An ISO certification firm hired me as an executive, the position on which I prospered in the next 5 years through on-job training, professional training, and hard work, ending up well and good before leaving the company in 2017. The struggle returned to my job life as it was hard finding any suitable jobs to my liking. I was seeking something compatible with my innate passion for creative writing. 

I kept going on for livelihood through another series of brief job lives. I started a commission-based online shopping business on Facebook but it didn’t go well due to the lack of supplier’s product quality. Then I planned to utilize my 5+ years of experience in the ISO firm and started marketing ISO consultancy services. However, the market was already slim and tight, so I had to put my gears back on the shelf again. 

By the end of 2018, I’d decided, finally, that I would opt for content writing jobs, be it freelancing or full-time, no matter what. I knew that listening to my guts could be costly and time-consuming before I could land any appropriate job. But I stuck to my resolution and started looking for freelance, part-time, and full-time jobs online every single day. 

Work at Hamandista Academy 

I’ve joined Hamandista Academy, which has been recently owned by the owners of WomenMinds, as a writer. My tasks include writing literature topics and book reviews on famous literary works from classic to post-modern periods.  

I believe my journey here will prove rewarding and satisfactory given the substantial support, opportunities for learning and growth, and cooperation from the officials. 

My Current Literature Work Underway 

As hinted earlier, I had this innate passion to be a writer, which I’d realized during my job at the ISO firm, I came to terms with myself that I would start on it soon. Hence, I started writing historical fiction in 2014 without having any previous authorship experience or any education in this task. 

Therefore, after a while, I stopped writing after a few pages and got indulged in my personal life affairs. Over the last 6-7 years, I still couldn’t manage to complete that fiction due to job and family occupancies and sometimes out of self-doubt whether my story idea would really come out successful. 

Nonetheless, I have kept myself attached to YouTube videos, blogs related to writing, and reading novels, so I can develop my knowledge and skill in writing nice and catchy fiction eventually. At one point, I was reading 7-8 novels at a time in different genres!

Right now, I’m working with the story outline all over again besides researching the historical accounts related to my topic. 

And if my hard work and luck can come to terms, I may be able to finish the first installment of my fiction by November 2021, something I would like to present to myself as my 35th birthday gift! May God bless me with this. 

My Blogs

I have two blogs currently, named ‘A Layman’s Blog’ and ‘Born Bohemian.’ 

The first one deals with writing just about anything interesting in my life or out in the world, including but not limited to health, science, religion, travel, pets, literature, and so on. 

The latter, however, focuses solely on travel, tours, places, and everything relevant. 

Training/Workshop and Certificates

A noteworthy training I had completed with a certificate was the ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Course in 2017. 

Later in 2019, I participated in a workshop on Research Methodology and achieved a Certificate for Participation. 

Extracurricular or Passionate Activities

I have been passionate about playing cricket since I was 10 years old. Maybe this passion of mine drove me to associate with a group of teenhood friends who founded a local cricket club in November 2011. 

I joined their club as a player but was offered the position of the Head of Administration and Accounts within the next 3 months. I accepted the offer and henceforth, continued my duties as a player and a club official for the next 5+ years (2011-2017). 

The Other Side of Me (My Story)

I’m an introvert and a textrovert guy. I love companies but mostly spend my time working, reading, and learning things related to my forte. I love puzzles and try hard to solve them or learning how to solve them. 

I love drama series and movies, including thriller, mystery, history, and superheroes. I may not be among the best religious persons, but I love and practice my religion. 

I live with my family: my mom and the youngest sister of us three. I’m currently single after a 3-year marriage. Whatmore, I have three lovely kittens named Oreo, Yuko, and Simi. I’m a dog person too and I love animals. 

My favorite food is chicken, egg, fruits, and sweets. Not that I don’t relish gourmet cuisines and fast foods. And of course, I am a tea-coffee person. But I don’t smoke or drink. 

I love doing workouts and maintaining a healthy and shapely physique. 

Overall, I’m an average guy. Maybe, sometimes, a more average and simpler than a layman on the street. But I’m patient, silent, open to learning, and building up myself gradually to reach my goal. 

What’s in My Bucket List? 

My bucket is currently small, which consists of two things only:

  • Completing my novel
  • Traveling the world

Further desires are yet to be explored and added to the list.