Use of Divine Machinery in “The Rape of the Lock”

In English literature, the name of Alexander Pope will always remain immortal. He has proved himself to be a master of keen observation of life in all of his works. Combining his artistic quality of writing with his knack for delving deep into the social structure of humanity, he can present beautiful literary sketches of … Read more

John Dryden a Satirist_Hamandista

Evaluate Dryden As A Satirist in The Light of “Absalom And Achitophel”

Dryden is absolutely a multidimensional genius. He is acclaimed as a major poet, a distinguished playwright, a celebrated critic, and a satirist based on his literary works. Dryden’s remarkable poem “Absalom and Achitophel” adds a new dimension to the English classical satire. This poem has raised English satire to the level of the great satirical … Read more

10 Undeniable Benefits of An Aptitude Test for Your Career

In the recruitment process of many companies, testing is a vital cog in the wheel, and this should apply to the phase of career development as well. Here comes the evolution of an aptitude test. It goes on to measure an individual’s abilities with the expected levels of outcome and well on your way to monitoring … Read more

The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser As An Allegory

In an allegory, some actual actions or instructive morals are shadowed under imaginary persons or things. Every allegory has two senses- the literal and the mystical. The literal sense is like the vision of which the mystical is the true meaning. The story consists of fictitious persons, creatures of the poet’s brain in a moral … Read more